Spirit of Life UU Lifespan Religious Education Update

To enter into the presence of another human being … is to enter into the presence of God in a new and different way. — Stephen L. Carter

Gearing up for Fall
I’m excitedly preparing for our fall program, which begins the Sunday after Labor day – September 9th!  Please mark your calendar for Sunday, August 19th at 9:30 am, when we’ll have an LRE meeting at to discuss the fall curriculum and line up volunteers for teaching and other supporting roles.  We need everyone’s help to ensure the continued success of our program.

We focused on the theme of cooperation. The children acted out an Aesop’s fable about an old woman who taught her children that they would be stronger in life if they worked together and appreciated one another. The story used the metaphor that while one stick can easily break, a bundle of sticks is strong. Children made a bundle of sticks, with one stick representing each child in the Moral Tales group, and learned that together they’re stronger than apart.

We also talked about “Gems of Goodness” which we’ll discuss every Sunday through the end of the summer. When our jar gets full, we’ll have a celebration, planned by the kids!

NEXT SUNDAY’S SESSION: Seeing Others with Awe
During outdoor classroom time at 10:00: We’ll learn more about each other with a game called “Find Someone.”

During indoor classroom time when we’re sung out from service: Drawing upon the first Unitarian Universalist Principle, which affirms the inherent worth and dignity of all people, this session rests on the idea that goodness and justice require more than tolerance of diversity. Children are given guidance to actively embrace differences as they learn to see others — indeed, all living beings — with awe. We’ll hear a story about some children who learn to see each other with awe, and will make life-sized portraits that include affirmations from each of their peers.

In peace.

Angi Nagel

LRE Chair