What’s Right With Unitarian Universalism? “In Our Tradition, You Get to Be Wrong”

Photo – Christine Zichittella-Heeren, all rights reserved
Quote – Rev. Anthony David as written by Bob Smietana, USA TODAY
Creator – Tim Atkins – UU Media Collaborative Works

USA Today reported today on – us! In a nod to the growing appeal of Unitarian Universalism ,  USA Today noted the more than 15% growth in  our denomination, significant at a time when many churches are experiencing a downturn in membership.

The article noted that “Although they remain small in total numbers with about 211,000 adherents nationwide, Unitarians believe their open-minded faith has a bright future as an alternative to more exclusive brands of religion.”

While the article misidentified the denomination a couple of times – it’s Unitarian Universalist – not Unitarians, or Unitarian Unitarians (which would make us Doubletarians!) , it rightly noted that we fill an important niche and provide a thoughtful sanctuary for the rising number of “nones” with which the Pew Center for the People and the Press found one in five Americans identify.

Mark Coppenger, a professor of Christian apologetics and director of the Nashville campus of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary said he wasn’t surprised to hear of our growing popularity, noting, “Just because you are drawing a crowd doesn’t mean you are saying something that is true.”

We completely agree. That’s what we’ve been saying all along!

As Rev. Anthony David, of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta told USA Today, “In our tradition, you get to be wrong,” God is big. God is magnificent. You can’t tell me that we know everything there is to know about God yet.

Or ever. We know we certainly don’t. What we do know is that we offer a safe loving place for others to ask big questions and consider the many, many answers without fear of disapproval, censure or condemnation.

We can walk the many paths together, in community, and with love.