Stand with Love in this Season of Rhetoric

We believe that love is not a weakness. Love is not something you compromise. Love is a gift from the almighty, and no loving god would give someone such a gift just to punish them for having it.

Because it’s not just about having love, it’s about living love.

Love, whether they were born on the same side of town, the wrong side of the tracks or the other side of the world. Love. Even if they might not look like us, pray like us, talk like us or love like us. Love is part of being human. And no one should be dehumanized just because of who they are.

Because when the most important thing goes from “who’s wrong” to “who’s been wronged,” the conversation changes dramatically. And once that change has been made, it spreads.  – From “Stand with Love” by Elliott Cennamo

Elliott Cennamo, a motion graphic designer from Columbus, Ohio, is the winner of the UUAs Voting on the Side of Love Video Contest . Narrated by Sasha Bohn, the video uses fast-paced imagery and a compelling message, not to tell us who to vote for, but reminding us to be mindful of the power of love when we go to the polls to vote this November.

In a political culture defined by fear and hate, ” Cennamo observes, “for one side to be right, the other side has to be wrong. They become more than the opponent—they become the enemy. As this rhetoric level rises, we tend to forget what we’re fighting for, and only concentrate on who we’re fighting against.”

What’s the antidote to the fear and hate poisoning our country?  Love, says Cennamo.

Love, based not on some cynical partisan desire to find an edge, but coming from our hearts and our beliefs.” 

Consider here, the power of love to guide your civic engagement.