Sunday Sermon March 24: Stewardship Sunday – Making our Future Together

The start of our annual Stewardship drive kicks off this Sunday with a service by Spirit of Life UU president,Terri Willingham, at 11am.

“We get out of life – out of our relationships, our hopes, our dreams, our careers, our creative experiences, and our spiritual ones – what we put into it,” says Willingham. ” We are the Makers of our individual life stories, and collaboratively, we are the Makers of our shared social stories. Together, we are the stewards of the future we want to have.”

A long time member of Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists,  Willingham has been diversely engaged in professional writing and knowledge management for more than twenty five years.  The author of two books on health, and numerous articles across a range of topics from health to education, religion and philosophy, her work focuses on helping empower individuals to live and learn in meaningful, personally fulfilling and socially productive ways. She is the founder and current president of Learning is for Everyone ( and the lead curator and promoter  for TEDxYouth@TampaBay since 2010, and Tampa Bay Mini Maker Faire 2012 and 2013 (being held March 23!)    She is also the Regional Director for FIRST STEM education programs in Central Florida.

Her Unitarian Universalist faith, she will tell you, is the driving impetus behind all she does, and why she does it.  Our faith matters, says Willingham, and our annual Stewardship rewewal time  provides a wonderful opportunity to be reminded of the intrinsic value of our faith in today’s world.

Youth and Adult programs being at 10am. Service is followed by a Community Crepe Party because we believe that together, we not only make an amazing congregation, but probably some pretty awesome crepes!

Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists is covenantal faith community in Odessa that welcomes seekers from all spiritual, theological and philosophical backgrounds who wish to join in a free, rational and responsible search for truth and meaning in their lives.

Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists is located at 18412 Burrell Road, just off Tarpon Springs Road, east of Boy Scout Road) in Odessa.

Call (813) 792-1622 for more information.

All are welcome!