Sunday Sermon August 18, 11 am: The Heart of Service

Image and Design by Rev. Sean Dennison

At our 11 am service, Rev Nick Ozuna,  minister of Rissho Kosei-kai of Tampa Bay, and also the instructor for our Essential Lotus Sutra class each week, will share his thoughts on the  value of being of service.

“Being of service to others brings our lives purpose and joy, ” says Rev. Ozuna.

Well look at how we can approach each day with the heart of service and consideration for others will be shared to develop the virtue of appreciation.

At 10am in our Community Conversations adult discussion program, we’ll consider the topic, “Is Civic Virtue universal?” A recent article in the Atlantic asks that very question, noting, Aristotle thought that a virtuous person was a happy person. People “seem to pursue honor in order that they may be assured of their goodness,” he wrote in Nichomachean Ethics. But a relationship between virtue and happiness presupposes that everyone defines virtue the same way — and recently behavioral scientists have found that’s not the case. On the contrary, the value of civic virtue seems to vary around the world.  We’ll take a look at how it varies and consider some reason why.

This is also the start of our Lifespan Religious Education (LRE) program registration for children, and our monthly potluck, where all are welcome to bring a dish to share if able.

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