Sunday Sermon September 1, 11 am: Sanctified Vocation

Photo and design by Laura Evonne Steinman

Visiting minister. Rev Bonnie Devlin , guides us on a consideration of  a “Sanctified Vocation.”

“As we gather to celebrate Labor Day Weekend, ” she tells us, “let’s also reflect on the meaning of work in our lives. Whether we are fully engaged in the ‘work world’, or the ‘volunteer world’, both reflect a certain type of ‘calling’ or what is known as ‘vocation’, both which hopefully bring meaning and purpose to our lives.”

Youth and adult programs begin at 10am. In our adult Community Conversations group, we’ll look at civility in America – or lack thereof.  In an article titled “Why So Rude?” Big Think cited a recent study that found that “Average Americans encounter incivility more than twice a day on average (2.4 times) “ and  70 percent of Americans think incivility has reached “crisis proportions.” Politicians and young people are pointed to as common culprits, but according to this year’s survey, for the first time since the survey began in 2010, the Internet and social media has risen into the top ranks of perceived causes of incivility.

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