Sunday Sermon October 27 11am: Celebrating the Day of the Dead

Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists lay leader,  LeAnn Kahl, leads our annual Day of the Dead service, drawing from the traditions of Dia de Los Muertos, the Mexican holiday celebrated on November 1st. .

The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died.   Members and guests are invited to bring a photo of a loved one who has passed away, and anyone who likes will have the opportunity to speak briefly about their loved ones.

Youth and Adult programs begin at 10am. In our adult, Community Conversations program, , we’ll take a look at  an apropos All Hallow’s Eve topic – Living Forever. “The Book of Immortality”  is a popular new treatise on the efforts of transhumanists and immortalists bent on beating death, and not looking like zombies when they do!

Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists is covenantal faith community in Odessa that welcomes seekers from all spiritual, theological and philosophical backgrounds who wish to join in a free, rational and responsible search for truth and meaning in their lives.Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists is located at 18412 Burrell Road, just off Tarpon Springs Road, east of Boy Scout Road) in Odessa.

Call (813) 792-1622 for more information.