Sunday Sermon Dec. 8 11am : The Truth Ver. 2.0

Visiting minister Rev. Roy Sniffens helps us reflect on “The Truth Ver. 2.0″ , in our service at 11am -specifically “the things we thought were true which may no longer be true,” and how his opinions have changed as an older man.

Youth and adult discussions begin at 10am. In adult discussion, we’ll look at “Good science vs. Bad science”.Scientists, even experts in the same field, don’t agree on which research studies are the most important, a new study (of course) found. On one hand, this sounds obvious—experts don’t agree. On the other hand, this research suggests even scientists can’t pinpoint what great science is. The new study also found scientists are unduly influenced by the prestige of the journal in which a paper is published. We’ll consider and discuss.

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