Guest Speaker Ronald Vierling Joins us Sunday June 22 at 11am

Guest speaker Ronald Vierling will speak on Sunday, June 22 at 11am.  Mr. Vierling earned a BFA in art and English from Drake University and an MA in English from the University of Wyoming. His forty-year teaching career at five college preparatory schools in three states ended in 2002 when he retired to focus full-time on writing. Since that time he has published the Clementine Camille trilogy of novels as well as two other individual novels, Crossing the Continental Divide: Three American Diaries: 1853-1854, and Falling in Love at the End of the Road. His two volumes of one-act plays, written for the Holocaust Center of Central Florida, have also been published: two volumes in the series Rising from the Ashes.  He has published one volume of poetry, The Prairie Rider Cantos, and is currently editing a second, Words [That] Matter.

A Unitarian since 1974, and a member of First Unitarian Church of Orlando since 1979, he has been a frequent speaker in Florida Unitarian fellowships and churches since 1984.

Youth and adult programs begin at 10am. In adult discussion, we’ll look at the topic, “Do Children Just Take their Parents Beliefs? ” A study recently published in the British Journal of Political Science, based on data from the U.S. and U.K., found – maybe surprisingly to many – “ that parents who are insistent that their children adopt their political views inadvertently influence their children to abandon the belief once they become adults.” We’ll take a look at that report and consider the implications.

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