Valentines Day “Swap” and Potluck: Feb 14 at 3pm

by Artistic Nick, labeled for noncommercial reuse

Come to SLUU  and Swap!  What is a “swap” , do you ask, and what do you do for it?  It’s easy:

1. Clean out your garage and closets. Gather up all that stuff you have been meaning to get rid of.

2. Contact Diana Dechichio to rent a table at SLUU for $10 :

3. On Feb 14 at 3pm, bring all your stuff and put it on your table. That’s it!  Now everyone takes from each other stuff that they want. no money is exchanged. We swap!

4. Salvation Army will come between 5-7 pm to pick up what is left.

5. Potluck supper starting at 5pm

Come join us to lighten your load (or at least exchange it!) and enjoy a fun day together!