Sunday Sermon August 16 11am: The Great Purpose Part II – Finding a Forever Home

Last month, in the first of this two part service (The Great Purpose) Rev. Roy Sniffen asked us to consider a very simple answer to the question, “Why are we here?” – suggesting it was simply , as Ram Dass suggested, “To walk each other home.”  For our August 16 service, at 11am, Rev. Sniffen shares, ” The Great Purpose Part 2: Finding a Forever Home.”

” Walking each other home is the great purpose,” he says, “but what do we need when we get “there?” Join us for some thoughtful considerations on the topic.

In Adult Discussion, at 10 am, we’ll  take a look at the idea of “Effective Altruism,” which says, in essence, that “a minimally acceptable ethical life involves using a substantial part of one’s spare resources to make the world a better place.” In short, we should simply do the most good we can. We’ll look at ways we can do that and the kind of impact even small efforts can have.

Youth LRE programs are ended for the summer, but there are plenty of opportunities for youth to spend meaningful time together and with congregations members in service and in social time together.

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Please join us!