Sunday Sermon Oct 4 11am: Traveling Mercies

helping_hand1On Sunday, October 4 at 11am, join us to for a sermon on  “Traveling Mercies” by Rev. Roy Sniffen.

“As we walk each other home,” he asks, ” whence comes the grace that takes us through the storms and past the potholes and washouts that life often presents?  We take a look a UU values that help us on this journey.”

In Adult Discussion, at 10am, we’ll look at the same UU Shirt that’s being explored in our youth LRE program, and consider the role that Unitarian Universalists have had in significant parts of World and U.S. history. public and policy-makers.

In our Youth Lifespan Religious Exploration program, starting after the Story for All Ages, around 11:30am, we’re kicking off our look at our UU Story, with “The UU Shirt” with teachers Diana Dechichio & Chris Chirolas. We’ll look at that Famous UUs Shirt and consider some of the amazing names on it, to get an idea of the depth and breadth of UU thought in history.

Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists is covenantal faith community located at 18412 Burrell Road in Odessa, FL that welcomes seekers from all spiritual, theological and philosophical backgrounds who wish to join in a free, rational and responsible search for truth and meaning in their lives.

All are welcome!