Sunday Sermon November 22 11am: Appropriate Obligation

be thankfulAt 11am, Guest minister, Rev. Katie Korb, shares the sermon , “Appropriate Obligation.”

“Let’s examine ways in which we are thankful for things we should not be,” she says, ” and the ways we forget to be grateful for the gifts so freely given.

In Adult Discussion at 10am, we’ll consider our “Never Ending Workweek.”  A recent article in the Atlantic by that title, observes, “Work cultures of long hours reflect a notion of professionalism based on athleticism, in which one’s pace and accomplishments exist to be bested. Like a marathon, the never-ending office day tests psychological will and bodily capacity in equal measure. But even casual runners know the value of a good night’s sleep.” We’ll consider and discuss.

In our Youth Lifespan Religious Education (LRE) class, at 11: 30, we’re getting crafting with Cornucopias as we look at the gift of food from our gardens.

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All are welcome!