Sunday Sermon June 19 11am: We See You – NC, the Obama Administration & “Stalled” Politics


Updated sermon note: Attorney General Lynch’s comments about discrimination in North Carolina certainly apply to the Pulse club killings in Orlando last weekend. President Obama had to give the 16th gun use related consoling speech of his presidency to us, his people, as we grieved. Come to the safe space of our church on June19th to share feelings and then ideas about acting based on our endearing principles.


Rev. Rus Cooper-Dowda looks at the recent flap over public restrooms and who uses which door.

“The Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, compared Transgender bathroom access to Jim Crow at it’s worst. As a result, she has called us to be at our best while North Carolina throws yet another good old fashioned “Hissy Fit” over full inclusion and the inherent worth and dignity of all of y’all and all of us. Hear this Southern UU support group of one talk about what it means when “you can’t go because you can’t go…” says Rev. Rus.

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