Sunday Sermon July 17 11am: The Obligating Imagination

by BengreyLeon Wieseltier, contributing editor to the Atlantic,  says that imagination might be a more necessary foundation for morality than reason.

“And this obligating imagination—of the pains of others, of the needs of others—will not happen unless in the others we see the same—unless we regard our general humanity as more ethically significant than our specific constructions of it. Before we are Muslims and Christians and Jews, we are brothers and sisters.  If we allow our identification with each other to be obscured by our identities, then we are lost. “  (The Syrian Refugees and Us)

Join us Sunday July 17, at 11am to hear guest speaker Terri Willingham help us consider how to activate that Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 9.03.08 AM“obligating imagination” and live with more compassion in a sometimes unimaginably challenging world.

Terri Willingham is a long time member of Spirit of Life UU and currently serves on the Board of Trustees. She is a local writer , the author of two books on health, and co-author of the recent book,Makerspaces in Libraries (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015),   She is also Regional Director for FIRST STEM education programs in central Florida, and a Creative Partner, with her husband Steve, for their company Eureka! Factory where they work as consultants helping libraries and other organizations develop public makerspaces and creative programming.

Adult Discussion will be open topic through the end of August – just come in, pour yourself a cup of coffee and join in freewheeling conversation every Sunday, starting at 10:30am.

Between now and the end of August, we’re taking a break from focused lesson plans for our youth, with LRE Lite, providing activities and discussion opportunities, and some time in the sunshine with our permaculture project and recreation, as attendance and interest steer things.

Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists is covenantal faith community located at 18412 Burrell Road in Odessa, FL that welcomes seekers from all spiritual, theological and philosophical backgrounds who wish to join in a free, rational and responsible search for truth and meaning in their lives.

Please join us – all are welcome! Always.