Sunday Sermon September 4 11am: Power from a Shamanic Perspective

Guest speaker, John Vaughan, leads us on an exploration of power from a shamanic perspective on Sunday, September 4 at 11am.  He’ll ask us to consider, “What is power, and why is it important? How do we access power? How do we use it in a way that is beneficial to the community? ” We will consider intention and compassion, and explore forms through which power moves.

John is a practicing Shaman and has studied three traditions, Siberian, Q’ero and Celtic.

A big and hearty Welcome Back! to all our Lifespan Religious Exploration families, as we kick off LRE program registration this Sunday.  This year, we’ll be holding youth LRE three Sundays a month – the 1st, 3rd and 4th Sundays. (Second Sundays are Freethought Fellowship meetups with no LRE, although the meetups are family friendly.)

Sundays at 10am is our Adult Discussion Group. In the past, we’ve had discussion topics but tended to roam freely from them. We can still do that, but it might be nice to try something different now that we have some higher tech resources to work from. So for the fall, we’re going to try two open topic days on the 1st and 2nd Sundays, with Keystone Book Club on the 3rd Sundays and a short film followed by discussion on the 4th Sunday.  This month’s short film, on September 25, is “Bacon and God’s Wrath.” We’ll just leave that right there.

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Please join us – all are welcome! Always.