Activities and Events:

Shaman Circle Tuesday, July 25 @ 7PM

No Choir July and August

Next 20th Birthday Party planning meeting July 30, 12:30 PM.

Small piano needs home, ask John Vaughn

We need coffee hour volunteers – sign up on the refrigerator

World Religions class – 10:00 AM Sundays,  all are welcome

Circle Supper sign-up – see D’Anne Dougherty

July 23 Sunday’s Service:  ‘ I See the Moon and the Moon Sees Me’:  The One Giant Leap Anniversary”  by Rev, Rus Cooper-Dowda. uufirstmoon July 1969 humans walked on the moon for the first time.  What do you remember about that moment?  Any reactions you did not expect?  Did you watch with company?  Has its’ meaning changed for you?  Bring your moon pies and remember.  (Rus requests someone bring old fashioned TV rabbit ear antenna and freeze dried Astronaut food.)