Freethought Fellowship Meetup April 8 11am: In Consideration of the Long Game

Join local author and long gamer Terri Willingham, at our 2nd Sunday Freethought Fellowship meetup, to explore the enduring values of patience and persistence in her talk, “The Patience to Succeed: Playing the Long Game”.

In an interesting look at the work of Leonardo DaVinci, in the second installment of Adam Westbrook’s video series, The Long Game, Westbrook focuses not on DaVinci’s successes, but on the time between those successes – at one point a 16 year long dry spell, which wasn’t really dry so much as it was a spell of patient, persistent exploration. In a related look at the issue, in the book Mastery, author Robert Greene calls these down times between personal successes “a self-directed apprenticeship” that can often last ten years or more but receives no historical or social attention because it often seems to lack stories of any significant discovery or achievement. The fact is, great people and their great discoveries, inventions, ideas, art and innovation don’t happen overnight.

Join us to continue the discussion after the talk, with light food and refreshments. A donation of $5 per person is requested to help defray facilities and food expenses. Freethought Fellowship is held the 2nd Sunday of each month and covers a wide variety of topics and fields. If you would like to speak at a future Freethought meetup, please let us know.