Sunday Service Notes for January 6: Sermon – Saying Good-bye: Impermanence

This Sunday, January 6 at 11am, Rev. Katie Culbert shares the sermon, “Saying Good-bye: Impermanence,”  in an exploration of mortality and the changing nature of life.

“It is said the the only guarantee in life is death,” Rev. Culbert says. “It is true. Mortality is fleeting. Things break or are destroyed, people and pets leave or die. Even our own selves are not permanent for we are forever changing.

“So how do we reconcile the beautiful joyous gift of life and love with the inevitable suffering of letting go? As we enter into a new year, let us consider what is most meaningful to us and how we can obtain joy, not suffering, through releasing our attachments. ”

There will also be a hand washing ritual to welcome in 2019 with fresh, unburdened hands.

This Sunday also marks choir practice day, and our All Church Lunch Bunch, an after church luncheon outing to which all are welcome!

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