March 10 Freethought Fellowship 11am: Transformational Communications

The Johari Window

Freethought Fellowship is our monthly secular meetup, held the second Sunday of each month at 11am. Instead of a traditional service, the FTF platform is a one hour informative session on any number of topics.  This month, Human Resources professional Jim Carey shares more on the topic of effective communications.

As a follow-on to his October, 2018 FTF topic about the Drama Triangle, Jim Carey will lead an interactive discussion of how we can all be more effective communicators using simple yet powerful techniques that will create greater impact in what we communicate to others while reducing the amount of miscommunication that can create confusion and misunderstanding.

Jim will share concepts and techniques that he has used to train managers and teams to be better communicators. His corporate workshop is titled Transformational Communications and he has delivered this training to thousands of people across the US and in several international locations. This abbreviated version of his normally 4-hour workshop will focus on three key areas that can transform how we communicate with others. They include;

1. Applying the constructive behaviors of being Sensitive, Open, and Direct to create a foundation of trust.
2. Reducing your “blind spots” and “masks,” by using the Johari Window, to strengthen interpersonal relationships and create meaningful two-way feedback.
3. Utilizing the Constructive Conversation Process to avoid miscommunications and constructively resolve conflicts.


About Jim Carey
Jim is a Senior Human Resources Leader experienced in leading business transformation teams and facilitating change initiatives. He has led many business transformation initiatives by collaborating with business leaders to articulate their vision of success and then aligning HR programs and transformation programs to improve talent management outcomes; attracting & retaining top talent, improving employee engagement, transforming organizational culture to improve business performance.

Jim worked for IBM for 28 years as an HR professional in both corporate and business-unit roles, he had a two-year international assignment in Dublin, Ireland, and traveled to dozens of countries in North America, Europe, and Asia to facilitate change initiatives and develop transformational leaders. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse with a B.S. in Business Management and an M.A. in Labor Relations and HR Management from the University of Illinois.

A donation of $5 per person is requested to help defray facilities and food expenses. Freethought Fellowship is held the 2nd Sunday of each month and covers a wide variety of topics and fields. If you would like to speak, please let us know. You can follow along with Freethought Fellowship on our Meetup page and on Facebook and Twitter.