Spirit of Life UU on Sunday July 7: 11am Sermon – Coping with Change

Julia Carey, a young adult Spirit of Life UU member, shares her thoughts on “Coping with Change” for our July 7 sermon at 11am.

Our Month of Sundays

  • July 14 Freethought Fellowship with Diana Dechichio speaking on Healthcare Informatics or, Why doesn’t my doctor look at me
  • July 21 Dara Moore shares the sermon,¬†Expression of Spirituality and Celebration through Dance, followed by our 3rd Sunday Potluck
  • July 28 Rick Hallmark gives us his annual report from SUUSI, the Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute

Other News

  • Choir and Book club will resume in September.
  • Currently Buildings and Grounds meets on Wednesday mornings for ongoing upkeep of the property. The Garden team meets on the 2nd Sunday of the month after Freethought Fellowship.

About Spirit of Life UU

Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists is covenantal and eclectic faith community located at 18412 Burrell Road in Odessa, FL that welcomes seekers from all spiritual, theological and philosophical backgrounds who wish to join in a free, rational and responsible search for truth and meaning in their lives. All are welcome!