Freethought Fellowship July 14 11am: Health Care Informatics: Why My Doctor Ignores Me

Have you ever felt that your doctor is too busy staring at the computer and typing to actually look at you? Informatics is a rapidly growing field using data and technology to improve human health and the delivery of healthcare. Retired nurse and SLUU President Diana Dechichio, who is board certified in Nursing Informatics, will address the significance of the field and what is happening in patient-doctor relations.

About Diana
Diana Dechichio has been involved in healthcare since a summer interlude as a candy striper at the age of 14. She had always wanted to be a nurse and earned her BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). After some years in ambulatory and public health nursing, she discovered an aptitude and love for teaching. She earned a Master’s degree in Education, while teaching many levels of healthcare professionals, including teaching nurses overseas in Israel.

Diana has also taught in a high school and served as Associate Dean of a health professions college. In 2007 she was contacted by a recruiter to teach an electronic healthcare software on a contract basis. Thus the 3rd aspect of her career was born! Over the next few years, she traveled the country teaching and supporting healthcare electronic documentation. She sat for and earned a Board Certification in Health Informatics, the “bridge’ between Clinical and Technology. Most recently she worked for Baycare where she was traveling locally to support doctors’ offices on that same software. It was a great opportunity to do the work she loves, combining nursing, teaching and IT, all while living at home. Now retired, she is doing occasional stints teaching classes. It’s the best of all worlds!

Please join us to hear Diana’s insights and experiences, and get a behind the scenes look at Healthcare Informatics.


A donation of $5 per person is requested to help defray facilities and food expenses. Freethought Fellowship is held the 2nd Sunday of each month and covers a wide variety of topics and fields. If you would like to speak, please let us know.