September 8th Freethought Fellowship: A Look at Decentralized Community Agriculture

Join us Sunday September 8 at 11am , to hear guest speakers Ramon Alonso and Allison Cheng, of EuGrow, share their work in distributed agriculture. You might know an earlier version of the idea as community farming or urban agriculture.

This is that idea made into a formal economy that competes with mainstream agriculture. They’ll explain how they’re trying to break ground in this new kind of market with his company EuGrow and where there is space to do much more. They will also talk about the figures that led to action on EuGrow and why a competitive market in this space may be a vital defense for the developing economies in the world against the expected conditions we will see this century.

Ramon and Allison founded EuGrow, Allison is a soon-to-be psychiatrist who has a very bottom-up expanded view of what preventative care means and Ramon is an entrepreneur who is an advocate of the idea that the strongest business profits only as a dividend of the wealth or value it has created for the consumer.

A $5 donation per person is requested to put towards facilities use, coffee and lunch after the presentation.