March Freethought Fellowship: Sunday March 8 -The Precision and Foibles of Measurement

Join us Sunday March 8 at 11am, for an entertaining and illuminating talk by Peter Seymour, on the Precision and Foibles of the world of Measurements!

Peter is a composer driven by a general curiosity to understand the world of measurement. A newcomer to the area from Glenridge, NJ. He graduated cum laude from New York University, with a degree in music composition and philosophy.

After reading a whimsical article in the Atlantic in the mid-1990s, Peter started wondering if all cultures have a seven day week, which inspired him to write a letter to the president of Weights and Measures to inquire. The response led him to a metrologist who lived in New York, with whom Peter met, and from that point on, he was fascinated with the relationship between music, tuning, and measurement.

We’ll hear about pecks and bushels, Fahrenheit and Celsius, and how it all relates to everything else!  For a sneak peek, check out Peter’s 2001 article at the Foundation for Economic Freedom website: Drastic Measures: The Metric Assault on American Standards

A $5 donation is requested to put towards facilities use.