Freethought Fellowship Online June 14 11am: Pasco County Agents for Change Shares Updates & Opportunities for Lasting Change

Almost exactly two years ago, in June 2018, we were joined by Sheena Lofton-Huggins, Co-Founder, Pasco County Agents for Changea nonprofit started by Sheena and her husband James Huggins to help change the conversation and inspire more inclusive practices at Pasco County Schools.

Begun in response to experiences of harassment and racism in her Pasco County community, Lofton-Huggins and her husband co-founded Pasco Agents for Change to help rally the community to come together in support of all youth.

“Now more than ever, the success of our mission depends on the extent to which our community is diverse, inclusive, and equitable. We know that academic excellence is impossible without the unique perspectives, ideas, approaches, and contributions that come from having the broadest diversity of students, faculty, and staff across Pasco County School System,” Sheena said at the time.

“To become the inclusive community we aspire to be, we must treat each other equitably and with respect, creating an environment where no voices are silenced and all of us can thrive. Together, our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity has the potential to disrupt and transform entrenched practices and thinking. And as a result, we will hold Pasco County Schools accountable to a goal of graduating students who are engaged world citizens with a discerning intelligence, an understanding of inequality and power, and moral courage.”

Now, two years later, we’re confronted with civil unrest of global proportions, driving the conversation like never before about the vital need to address racial inequities in the United States and everywhere.  PCAC has risen to the opportunity, and joins us this Sunday, June 14, at 11am, to hear what they’ve accomplished over the last two years, and to learn about opportunities for authentic and lasting change that we can all be part of, going forward.

Email to request a zoom link.