SLUU October 2020

Share the Plate OCTOBER: UUA COVID-19

California's Fire Damage

The month-long collection for October will be the UUA Covid-19 fund. This will be supporting the UUA Disaster Relief fund for Covid-19 and UU congregants who have lost their homes in the fires. When you send your weekly contribution, you can send in a check in the mail or via Paypal. Be sure to specify what is for Share the Plate and what is your pledge/weekly donation. 

Warning to people who send checks via mail to church: It seems that a number of checks that have been mailed to the church in the past month have been stolen from the mailbox and cashed. There are a few instances that we are investigating. To prevent this from happening we have installed a mailbox that locks. If you sent a check to the church during the month of September, please see if you can get a copy or view of a copy of the cashed check. If it is signed on the back, then it was stolen and cashed. All checks that are deposited by the church are stamped with “For Deposit Only”. Some of the stolen checks have “for deposit only-JPMC” with the signature. Please work through your financial institution about the illegal cashing of the check. Also send an email to Dan at ASAP if you feel your check was stolen, so that we can compile a list and notify the police and post office.

These are trying times and we are all saddened that someone would do this. If you would like to switch to pay by PayPal that is a more secure way to contribute.

Weekly Virtual Sermons

DateSermon TitleTaught By/Description
10/04/20Reflections on a PandemicMargie Hallmark.
This sermon will be a commentary on some of the different ways this pandemic is affecting us and a consideration of what might be happening with respect to a higher purpose for all of this.
10/11/20Free Thought FellowshipOur monthly secular service
10/18/20Moving from Cultural Competence to Cultural HumilityKyaien Conner
10/25/20Finding Your Voice in a Noisy WorldBonnie Dassing
11/1/2020All Saints DayNancy Stigaard.
See below for details.

In celebration of All Saints Day (11/1), we will be spending time during the sermon celebrating the memory of loved ones who have passed away. If you would like to participate during the sermon in sharing memories, you can show a picture or memento and spend a few minutes sharing your memory of them and how they affected you. To make sure that all members are able to participate, we ask that you end your turn after a maximum of five minutes.

Attending Sermons:

In the continuing service of the health and safety of congregation members and guests, Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists is extending our hiatus from public, in-person services. All worship services will be conducted via Zoom (a video conferencing platform), until further notice. Click here if you would like to download the Zoom application to your computer.

Here are the instructions to watch and participate remotely in the service Spirit of Life UU, every Sunday at 11am EST:

  • Email to request a zoom link prior to Sunday (if you’re able to).
  • On Sunday morning, grab a cup of coffee, juice or tea (optional), then
  • Prepare your laptop or desktop and space for the service,
  • Make sure your is camera on and has the background you prefer (the moderator will handle muting of microphones), then
  • Go to the Zoom link you received in your email – You may have to download the application if you have not used it before. It’s a safe app. You can find Zoom tutorials here, if interested in exploring the platform further.
  • Then sit back and enjoy! We are so glad you are joining this Sunday’s service.


This was sparked by Tobi’s service on her journey to UU.  She said we started as a religion of ‘No’ and she needed to figure out what were the ‘Yeses’. So far 5 people have expressed an interest in doing a workshop.  Bob Murphy has agreed to lead it.  Several years ago I did this with his wife, Lyn Dassel leading it.  I found it really helpful defining for myself what I believe.  We will need to order the workbooks from the UU Bookstore so deadline to register is by October 15.  The workbooks are $16 plus $2 postage.  So far people have expressed that we hold our sessions in the evenings once a week for the 10 sessions. We have not determined a start date yet.  Preferences for that would be welcome. Please email me at if you are interested.
– Nancy Stigaard


SLUU Community Garden

Our community garden needs some volunteers to adopt a bed. There is still plenty of space available. Please contact Gary at  or Kathy at to reserve your spot!

Orange Coast UU Church would like to invite you to the third annual Wild and Scenic Environmental Family Film Festival. This year, it is virtual, so fellow UU’s from all over can watch high quality films about the environment from the safety and comfort of their homes. Orange Coast UU Church embraces social activism, the 7th Principle, and fun! The films in the festival range from a few minutes to 20 minutes and all are included for a very reasonably priced ticket, starting at under $20 – for the whole household! The proceeds go to the Orange Coast UU Church New Sanctuary fund.

Usually at this time we would be gearing up for Fall events. Fall is one of my favorite times in New England. I love the changing of the leaves, “pumpkin hunting”, and visiting apple farms for cider and apple picking. Days are cooler and it is a beautiful time of year. Here in FL it is also a beautiful time of year. The heat of the summer gives way to cooler temperatures and we can again enjoy being outside.

At Spirit of Life we are usually planning an Oktoberfest or a “Wine Cheese and Chocolate” event. They are lots of work and lots of fun. Or maybe we’d be planning a work day. Or a concert. Right now we can’t do any of that. I can’t go to New England. We can’t plan these fun events. I miss it. It’s been 6 months of quarantine. That and more are the wise thing to do. We won’t make a change anytime soon but it makes sense to be tired of it. So……….what are you doing to combat the “quarantine fatigue” we all feel? How are you spending your time? Interestingly time seems to be flying by. I can’t believe this is the October issue of Lifelines!

Here at home we are planning home projects, as well as part time jobs. We have started using our fire pit in the evening again. At SLUU we meet twice a week. There is a virtual class being planned. What else can we do to feel our connection? So that is my question to you all——what can we do to lift our spirits during this time of quarantine? The governor has lifted all restrictions. Will you continue to quarantine or will you go back to the “old ways”? I am open to thoughts and suggestions. Please email me at

In love and faith,