Sunday Sermon July 10, 2022

By Roddy Biggs

Sermon Description: we often hear the wounded narrative painting over the painful reality hidden in the shadows we dare not look. How are we to heal as a nation and Make the Wounded Whole if we are always running from a dark and shameful past? Can we Make the Wounded Whole? In the words of bell hooks, “How do we hold people accountable for wrongdoing and yet, at the same time, remain in touch with their humanity enough to believe in their capacity to be transformed?” As we “Do Justice and Love Mercy” -Micah 6:8: Join us Sunday, online or in-person, as roddy bell-shelton biggs, a Queer, bipoc, Nonbinary seminarian, and aspiring Public Theologian, challenges us, invokes us, and leaves us with a powerful call to be a transformed accountable faith.