JULY 11th:  (Monday.)    Meeting of the Sustainable Urban Agriculture Coalition (SUAC)  at the Enoch Davis Center in Saint Petersburg.   SUAC is a big community garden network.    Different races, different age groups, etc., participate in community garden activities.     At least three of the congregations in our cluster are involved.

The SUAC meeting on Monday starts at 6:30 pm.   Zoom connection may be possible.   If you’re interested, let me know.   If your congregation wants to be involved in community gardening,   we can provide information.   Community gardening is popular as a Green Sanctuary activity and it connects congregations to community organizing for social justice.

JULY 25th:  (Monday.)   Deadline for voter registration for the Florida primary on August 23rd.     If you’re concerned about abortion rights,   gun control, the political response to the COVID-19 pandemic, etc.,   register and vote.

AUGUST 21:  (Sunday.)   World Senior Citizens Day.    Many of the community and senior centers in our cluster have special activities schedule for August 21-27.   Check with local government for information.

Seniors are very vulnerable during heat waves and other emergencies.   Most of the people who use emergency shelters during hurricanes are past the age of sixty.    Lots of attention focuses on elders during the summer.

The Spirit of Life congregation in Odessa will have a Sunday service (August 7th) about aging and organized religion.    The Sunshine Center in Saint Petersburg will have various events close to Senior Citizens Day.     Including a tour of the community garden created by and for seniors.      It’s a mutual aid project that encourages empowerment.

SEPTEMBER 4th:  (Sunday.)   Some of the national Unitarian Universalist networks are developing a toolkit for congregations that want to celebrate the Labor Day weekend with attention given to working people.    The goal is to reclaim the Labor Day holiday.      Congregations in our cluster are asked to develop appropriate events for Sunday, September 4th.

Economic justice concerns will be very important during the elections in November.    Housing costs,  food and energy costs, etc., etc.,   are rising.     Workers at Starbucks,  the McDonalds restaurants,   Amazon,  etc., etc.,   are organizing labor unions.    In some ways, it’s a “generational uprising,” with lots of young workers involved.    

If your congregation is interested in attracting young adults,  give some attention to economic justice topics.   Young adults are concerned about their economic future.     (Older adults are also concerned.)

At the very least, encourage congregation members to register and vote.   The UUA and other organizations are involved in register-and-vote campaigns.   Congregations can help by posting voter registration information on websites, bulletin boards, in newsletters, etc., etc.       Florida is making the voter registration process more difficult.      Voters need help.