Envir. Learning Center

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IMG_20151004_133037307_HDRThe Environmental Learning Center at Spirit of Life UU is intended a place for exploring ideas and best practices related to sustainability and ecology.  The Environmental Learning Center has a teaching garden, and provides workshop and retreat opportunities for those interested in exploring ways to live in closer concert with our environment and with less impact on our fragile ecological system.

The Environmental Learning Center is an outreach of our Green Sanctuary program, which affirms our commitment to being responsible citizens of Earth.

The Cornucopia Project

In partnership with We Grow Frimage_3630-550x437om Here, a Florida-based
permaculture garden project,  we’re developing a combination Sacred Space Mandela/labyrinth and community garden permaculture project we’re calling the Cornucopia Project.

Our official groundbreaking was on October 23, 2015, launching the centerpiece that will be the focal point of the gardens.

  • Work currently underway includes:
    Digging the four beds in preparation for Hugelkultur
  • Gathering materials for the beds .
  •  Gathering some able helping hands and hearts to help!

Our calendar of events, should you wish to be involved in growing, is generally:

  • Every Wednesday (barring rain) 9 -11AM Join the groundskeeping crew as we both maintain and create.
  • Every LAST Saturday join us for a community gardening day from 10am to 1pm—a day where we specifically incorporate kid-friendly garden activities, and encourage you to bring the little ones.