Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists is congregation owned and operated, and as such is an independent congregation associated by choice with the Unitarian Universalist Association.  Monetary support for a local Unitarian Universalist congregation is solely and entirely the responsibility of that local congregation, for everything from Social Justice initiatives to mortgage and utility expenses.

Faith and Money

While it can be difficult to talk about money and spirituality in the same breath, the fact is we need financial support to responsibly maintain our spiritual home. It doesn’t cost anything, of course, to provide the things we most enjoy – our warm caring community of Spirit of Life friends and family, loving care and religious education for our children, thought-provoking discussion for adults, potlucks and Circle Suppers and our Book Club. That’s because our lovingly volunteer run programs make possible all of these priceless opportunities to be together.

But love alone won’t pay for a minister, special guest speakers,  the mortgage and the utility bills.  It won’t pay for gas for our mower, or for vital building repairs and maintenance.   These are the everyday economic realities behind the day to day love and commitment that power Spirit of Life, and make the difference between an empty chapel and full one, between a pulpit without a liberal religious voice or one providing joyous, hope filled outreach, or a religious community without children or one brimming with our future!


Pledges are our single largest source of monetary support for the church, and allow our governing Board of Trustees to plan a budget and make determinations about programs, charitable contributions within our community, speakers and activities for the upcoming year. Members and friends may pledge by agreeing to a regular contribution of note, of whatever amount one is able to contribute. We encourage members and friends to let their conscience and their financial situation be their guide. While pledges are vital to our continued ability to maintain a vital, thriving congregation, membership is by no means contingent upon one’s ability to give, or the amount one gives.  Pledges and financial donations are gifts for which we are grateful, not a requirement for being part of our community.


Donations can also be accepted for specific functions, events or causes. If you have specific intentions for your donation other than a payment toward your pledge, please let us know. You can indicate on your payment of choice whether it should be dedicated to Share the Plate, a regular pledge a special donation, or a combination.

Methods of Giving:

Mail in Check:
Spirit of Life UU, 18412 Burrell Road, Odessa FL 33556
Tips to safely mail checks

You may be able to use online or mobile banking to arrange for your bank to send a personal check. To have a check sent directly from one’s bank, you will need to contact your personal banking service to set that up.


Donate with PayPal

We believe we bring a vital message to a troubled world that needs our living example of love and tolerance.  Your financial contributions are critical to helping Spirit of Life focus on the true business of our church:  Love and a life of shared community and social action. Thank You!