Social Action

adopt-a-spot-clean-upThe Spirit of Life UU Social Action committee is active in several community outreach efforts including:

Adopt-a-Spot – In the service of our 7th Principle, Spirit of Life UU members and friends work to keep Burrell Road, on which our church is located, clean and attractive.

Project World Health – Project World Health is a student-run organization at the University Of South Florida College Of Medicine that conducts a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic every year, providing medical services to the underserved population in the region of Jarabacoa.

Share the Plate Sunday –  Share the Plate is a month-long endeavor. At the end of the month, we split our Sunday collection with a community charity, selected in advance by the Social Action committee and congregation members. Last year alone we donated over $1000 to local charities.

Volunteer Way of Pasco – Our ongoing collection for this local food pantry dedicated to helping those in need –  children, volunteer wayseniors and adults caught in poverty, the hungry, the homeless, low income individuals and their families.

St. Pete Pride – Spirit of Life UU has been a part of the annual St. Pete Pride event, honoring the GLBT community, for more than a decade, joining hundreds of thousands of people the last weekend in June to celebrate our right to express sexual orientation and gender identity in a safe and accepting environment. St Pete Pride is under new management and participation by SLUU is on a personal basis.