THINK Homeschool Co-Op

THINK classesTHINK is a homeschooling group serving home learners in Hillsborough, Pasco, thinkPinellas and Hernando counties.  THINK is independently run and unaffiliated with Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists, but is a sponsored group whose mission and goals are in keeping with Spirit of Life UU’s educational commitment to lifelong learning for meaningful living.  THINK is thrilled to call this beautiful five acre space home on Mondays, and Spirit of Life UU is delighted to have such great partners in learning.

In order to participate in THINK activities and classes,  membership is required. THINK membership is open to all homeschooling families who share the group’s mission and goals and want to network with other like-minded families.

Our goal is to provide an environment for homeschool families to share educational resources and camaraderie and to encourage learning in its broadest sense. We are open to all homeschool families. Our co-op offers educationally rewarding classes for school-aged children. Since we welcome all homeschooling families, our classes do not include religious instruction, shared prayer, or faith-based content.

One of the many benefits of membership is THINK Day Classes held on Mondays throughout the year. These classes are available for THINK members with school-aged children. We offer a Fall Semester and Spring Semester during the traditional school year. You can join us for one class, a few classes, or a whole day of classes. At this time, preschool classes are only available to the younger siblings of school-aged children enrolled in THINK Day classes.

Please Note: THINK is an allergy sensitive group. Some members have life threatening peanut/tree nut allergies.