Religious Education

Spirit of Life UU believes that Religious Education is an ongoing, life-long process not limited to the confines of a church, butimg_20151220_114711 which takes place here and everywhere!  If your goal is to be a loving, accepting and supportive companion to your children and to one another as we all journey through life on our quest for spiritual meaning, Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists can be your religious base camp, for this is our goal as well.

The mission of our Lifespan Religious Education program for people of all ages is to provide a safe environment in which each child and adult can be a seeker of personal meaning while developing:

  •  A strong Unitarian Universalist identity, based on an understanding and appreciation of our UU Principles and Purposes
  •  A recognition, appreciation and acceptance of the ever-changing nature of spiritual growth and development in our lives
  • A foundation of values and theological knowledge from a diverse and dynamic tradition
  •  The means to meet and respond to life’s great questions;
  •  A strong sense of community with respect for individual differences
  • A capacity for spiritual wonder
  • A feeling of self-worth and dignity

How We Journey

Our religious education program upholds and promotes our Unitarian Universalist Principles and Purposes, and encourages, considers, and respects all religious questions. Curriculum is drawn from materials published by the Unitarian Universalist Association and from the world around us, drawing from traditions of the past, conditions of the present and considerations of the future.

We expose our youth and adults to the beliefs and thoughts of all the World’s Religions, with a particular emphasis on our Jewish/Christian heritage, in the belief that we have much to gain from the value and wisdom of the world’s religious traditions as we learn to shape inclusive beliefs that embrace the best of all faiths.  Check out our calendar for upcoming programs and events.

Youth Programs

At 11:00 a.m., youth join adults for our service, through the Story for All Ages, after which they go to their indoor class experience until about noon. All youth rejoin families and the rest of congregation for our coffee hour after services.

The goal of all of our programs is to give congregation members of all ages a sense of religious perspective and Unitarian Universalist identity. It is our hope that this perspective will help guide members in their own understandings of their beliefs and convictions.

Generally, our classes are broken up into elementary, middle and high school programs, but all of our age categories are general guidelines, and not rigid requirements. If a child is more comfortable, or works well in a certain group, the parent or guardian is welcome and invited to discuss preferences or individual needs with teachers. Our goal is always to provide the most enriching and meaningful experience possible for our youth and we’ll always work with families to find the best ways to do that for your child.

Child care is available for the nursery-aged attendees.

Adult Programs

Our Sunday Morning Perspectives program provides a conversation-based social gathering for adults each Sunday morning at adult-discussion10AM.   Subjects range from examinations of current events to free-flow chats that arise spontaneously or on subjects of choice selected by group participants.

The purpose of this Adult Discussion program is to provide a space for sharing ponderings, questions and ideas in a safe and accepting environment in a way that helps us grow from one another’s experiences and insights. We’re fortunate to have a place where like minded liberal religious people can gather, and Adult Discussion provides breathing, thinking, and sharing space where we can maximize our time together in personal and meaningful ways.

Adult Discussion is conducted in a covenantal way in keeping with our principles. Civility rules our dialog and exchanges, and everyone is encouraged to listen with the same enthusiasm with which he or she wishes to be heard.

We also hold periodic adult religious education classes and workshops on topics ranging from comparative religion, to explorations of the Bible and of other faiths, including Buddhism and Islam.

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