Our Services

Currently, we are offering hybrid services either online via Zoom or in person in our beautiful sanctuary.  Please email  spiritolifeuu@gmail.com  for more information and to request the link for the Zoom service. In-person services are held at 11 am and the wearing of masks is welcome but optional at this time.

Typically though…

In the spring, and fall, and early winter, our Sunday Morning worship services are held in our open-air Pavilion at Spirit of Life, among the birds and butterflies and the many animal inhabitants of our beautifully wooded property. During the summer, and colder winter months, we meet inside, in our Peace Chapel. Sermons are provided by guest ministers and other speakers.

Youth are a cherished part of our intergenerational faith tradition at Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists, and integral to our service experience. Our youth also host at least one service each year, and share in our social time together, and help provide stewardship to our church, as do our adult members.  Visit our Sermon Library page for a sample of some of the diverse range of topics and thought that we consider.

Religious Education

We seek to give youth and adults building blocks with which to articulate their own beliefs. We provide a balanced program of UU identity, Judeo-Christian heritage and world religions, as well as a look at social justice and action issues. A volunteer Religious Education staff heads the program and provides teaching for all ages, as well as childcare.

As a non-doctrinal faith, we believe as notable UU Wm. Ellery Channing wrote,”The great end of religious instruction is not to stamp our minds irresistibly upon the young, but to stir up their own…to touch inward springs.” We believe in our inherent spirituality and believe it is our task to nurture members’ spirits not to indoctrinate their minds.  Because youth learn in different ways, we offer multiple approaches to engage their spirits, imaginations and curiosity, including stories, film, discussion, games, art projects and music.

Adults and children, at Spirit of Life UU,  understand that all big questions have many answers, and that we have an individual duty to search responsibly for our own path. But we also give members a foundation on which to build their values, that holds as central tenets:

  • There are as many ideas about God as there are people;
  • We hold Jesus in the tradition of the great prophets and teachers, and we learn from the example of his life;
  • Death is a mystery inseparable from life, and the only immortality we can know for sure is that which lives in the hearts and minds of those we touch, so how we lead our lives each day is of utmost importance.

Welcoming Congregation

As Unitarian Universalists, we are deliberate in our welcoming of all families and we want visitors and members to feel loved, accepted and respected. We believe that diversity is a treasure that enriches us all.  We believe that “The Congregation is the Curriculum” and that we are all learning, all the time, together. Youth learn values from their parents, and our lives are enriched by sharing in our children’s spiritual journeys.

We are often the “right fit” for interfaith families. We honor major world religious holidays. We hold Seders and have Samhain festivals and celebrate Christmas. Both Jewish and Christian scriptures, along with the sacred writings and thought of many world religions, form the basis of much of our curricula, and many of our services, for we know there is value in all of them.